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Pastor Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher has been the pastor of Madison Baptist since November 2012.


He is a graduate of Marshall University with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts.  He graduated in 1996 from Southern Seminary with a Master's Degree in Theology.

He is the author of Christian Pharisees: The Striking Similarities of America's Conservative Christians and Jesus' Earthly Enemies, which is available on Amazon.

Important things to know about Jim: his wife's favorite restaurant is Longhorn (in case you want to buy him some gift certificates); he shot a 75 at Sugarwood Golf Club the morning of his wedding (which means he's good under pressure); and the most important thing that has ever happened in his life was becoming a follower of Jesus.  He has a beautiful wife and four great kids.

If you'd like to hear some of our pastor's sermons, you can watch video on the Madison Baptist Church Facebook page or you can hear audio by clicking on the drop down menu on the "Sermons" tab on this website.

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